Player Collections (1/27/2018)

In the interest of tab space, here is a list of the players I am collecting. I've got them split now into "Primary" and "Secondary".  Primary guys are ones whose cards I want no matter what team it is on which they appear. Secondary Guys are ones whom I am only collecting cards of them as Brewers. While many of them spent their entire career in Milwaukee, many didn't.

Links to the lists of cards that I have for each player are below.

The dates in parenthesis are the last time the page was updated.

NEW: Since I have so many other autographs, I decided to start a page specifically to document those. It's located HERE.

As you can see, there were a lot of very common players who hung around for a long time in Wisconsin, and I'm collecting a bunch of them.

Primary Collections (Collect All Cards)

Robin Yount (1/13/2018)
Paul Molitor (1/7/2018)
Gary Carter (12/31/2017)
Eddie Mathews (12/31/2017)
Warren Spahn (12/31/2017)
Joe Adcock (2/26/2017)
Lew Burdette (2/15/2017)
Harvey Kuenn (2/18/2017)

Secondary Collections (Collected Only as Brewers)

Jim Slaton (12/31/2017)
Charlie Moore (12/31/2017)
Gorman Thomas (12/31/2017)
Don Money (1/7/2018)
Jerry Augustine (7/30/2017)
Jim Gantner (12/31/2017)
Cecil Cooper (1/7/2018)
Bob McClure (9/4/2017)
Moose Haas (12/31/2017)
Mike Caldwell (12/31/2017)
Ben Oglivie (12/31/2017)
Ted Simmons (12/31/2017)
Ted Higuera (12/31/2017)
Bill Wegman (9/4/2017)
Dan Plesac (7/30/2017)
Rob Deer (12/31/2017)
B. J. Surhoff (7/30/2017)
Chuck Crim (7/30/2017)
Greg Vaughn (8/27/2017)
Cal Eldred (7/30/2017)
Dave Nilsson (8/27/2017)
Jose Valentin (7/30/2017)
Jeff Cirillo (12/31/2017)
Jeromy Burnitz (7/30/2017)
Geoff Jenkins (12/31/2017)
Ben Sheets (7/30/2017)
Rickie Weeks (10/1/2017)
Corey Hart (12/31/2017)
Prince Fielder (12/31/2017)
Ryan Braun (12/31/2017)
Yovani Gallardo (12/31/2017)
Carlos Gomez (12/31/2017)
Jonathan Lucroy (8/27/2017)
Christian Yelich (1/27/2018)

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